Dr. Panda Bus Driver App Reviews

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Please fix this

Its very very glitchy and freezy also it crashes ALOT I CANT PLAY IT PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!! And I will give you 5 stars =D

Why window wipers? If no rain

Why are there window wipers when it doesnt rain?? And I want it to rain :( BUT AWESOME GAME PLZ ADD RAIN


Fun game I have some suggestions. There should be different weathers like sunny, rain, thunderstorm, snowing. There should be different time like night, morning and day. It would be cool to have more seats and the animals have to pay to get on or have a ticket. The animals could have theyre kids with them sometimes. Please add these!

The music makes me sad

The in game music is a 6 second loop. Makes you loopy. Hint hint.

Dr. Panda Bus!

Our son loves this app. The surprises like the draw bridge and boat, and the train at the level crossing are fun to come across every once in a while. We like all the Dr. Panda apps.

No sound

At air and ipad3 no sound , great app but not work correctly


Fantastic and amazing adventure time for my little daughter!

Best game ever

10 out of 10

Pretty good

My daughter liked it. They could add more things to do in the game.

Dr panda bus driver

A big step forward from the old dr panda games. HD and 3 D. So much nicer. My two granddaughters loved it. Congratulations to the dr panda people with this newly innovated game.

Fix it

I like the game but, I cant play because it kicks me out every time. I want the app store to send me an update so I can have the problem fixed and I can play. I would have NEVER purchased this game if I had known that it was going to kick me out every time. Please fix the problem.

Please fix

I love Dr. Panda games but my daughter keep getting kicked out of the game. Im sure there will be an update to fix this soon. I have never been let down so far with these games.

Is gr8

I love this app

Jesus love you❤

Lots of fun fun cool game


Its a really fun game even though its for little kids its amazing I love it and all of the other Dr.Panda games

Loads of fun

One of my favorites in the Dr. Panda series!

For babies

It steers for you.thats lame. So you dont get to do anything.


These games are GREAT!!!!! Recomended for all ages!!!!

This is so bad only a little good

This is bad I only like a little doctor panda games. I am so mad at this game.

Kicks me out

I cant play the game. When I hit play it kicks me out every time. Any suggestions?

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